Today’s mortgage rates for Thousand Oaks, California

Date Updated
Mar 20, 2023
Loan TypeLoan PurposeLoan TermInterest RateAPRPointsTotal Lender Fees
ConformingPurchase30 year fixed5.875%5.972%0.759$7,512
ConformingPurchase30 year fixed5.999%6.039%0.151$3,097
ConformingPurchase20 year fixed5.875%5.930%0.167$3,213
ConformingPurchase15 year fixed4.750%4.969%1.163$10,446
FHAPurchase30 year fixed5.125%5.154%0.056$2,407
VAPurchase30 year fixed5.125%5.166%0.186$3,351


30 Year Fixed

InterestAPRPointsLender Fees

20 Year Fixed

InterestAPRPointsLender Fees

15 Year Fixed

InterestAPRPointsLender Fees


30 Year Fixed

InterestAPRPointsLender Fees


30 Year Fixed

InterestAPRPointsLender Fees

What you should consider when comparing mortgage rates for your Thousand Oaks home:

  • Compare rates from different lenders on the same day.  Mortgage rates change every day and sometimes multiple times a day.
  • A quick and easy way to shop rates between lenders is to ask for their lowest rate with no points.  While this doesn’t paint the whole picture – it’s a good start.
  • Ask if the lender charges loan processing fees (We don’t!)
  • Ask if the lender offers any lender credits toward closing costs.  Many not-so-nice lenders keep the lender credit for themselves – we don’t!  Our compensation percentage is the same no matter what loan type, loan amount, or interest rate you go with, and we are paid by the lender.
  • Interest rate and costs are only a couple of factors when considering what lender to work with.  Is the lender you are working with well-reviewed on Yelp?  We are – see our reviews here.  We see lots of lenders with, let’s say – suspicious reviews on other review websites.  On Yelp, the reviews are filtered, so fake reviews are not shown.

Why Community First Mortgage offers the lowest mortgage rates in Thousand Oaks:

  • The biggest reason is – we simply earn less than most brokers and almost all banks and credit unions.
  • We only work with the most competitively priced lenders
  • We don’t charge any loan processing fees

Why Community First Mortgage is your best option as a lender:

  • This likely won’t be your last mortgage.  If rates drop, you should refinance, and you want a lender who will notify you the moment rates fall.  By the time you hear rates dropped in the news, it’s usually too late.
  • Experience – our company was founded in 1986.  It’s rare for a mortgage company to stay in business this long with all the ups and downs of real estate, but we have.  This is thanks to our repeat clients and their referrals.
  • Honesty – we are very transparent on our compensation and when we are not competitive on certain loan scenarios (such as jumbo loans at the moment).  Whether it’s you or a friend or family member you refer to us, you can depend on us to give you straight answers.
  • We are a team with lots of experience.  Closing a loan is not always easy, and you can rest assured you have a team (not just a one-person shop) looking to overcome any roadblocks.
  • We are local!  We are located in Thousand Oaks, where we are in the same building from when we started way back in 1986.  We are now in our third generation of families who live in Thousand Oaks.
  • Fantastic rates – we are consistently told how much lower our rates and costs are compared to big banks, credit unions, and other mortgage brokers.  Fantastic service, and incredible rates – there is no better place to find a fantastically low mortgage rate in Thousand Oaks!


  • Conventional 30, 20, and 15-year fixed rates above are based on a $907,750 sales price, 20% down ($181,550), $726,200 loan amount (low balance conforming loan limit), 20% down, purchase loan, 740+ credit score, single-family home, 30-day rate lock.
  • FHA rates above are based on a $753,000 sales price (purchase loan), ~3.5% down ($26,800), $726,200 base loan amount, 1.75% upfront mortgage insurance premium (1.75% of the loan amount) is financed in the loan giving you a total loan amount of $738,908, 680 credit score, single-family home, 30-day rate lock.
  • VA rates above are based on a $726,200 sales price, 0% down, $726,200 base loan amount, 2.30% upfront fee to VA financed in total loan amount ($742,902), 740 credit, purchase loan, 30 day rate lock.
  • Title, escrow, recording and prepaid property taxes, homeowner’s insurance, and interest are not included in the APR calculation or in the lender costs quoted.
  • Our fee is already included in any option we present, and we do not charge any loan processing fees.