The high-balance conforming loan limit for 2024 in San Benito County is $1,149,825.

The “low-balance” conforming loan limit for 2024 in San Benito County is $766,550.

  • Both loan limits above are based on a 1-unit property.

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Loans between $766,550 and $1,149,825 in San Benito County are considered high-balance conforming loans.  High-balance loans tend to have slightly higher interest rates than loans under $766,550 (“low-balance”) and can have slightly tighter qualifying guidelines.

If you can keep your loan under $766,550 by either putting down enough and/or keeping your sales price low enough, you will be rewarded with a lower interest rate and payment.

Loans above $1,149,825 in San Benito County would be considered a jumbo loan.  Big banks and credit unions tend to have the most competitive rates on jumbo loans.  As a mortgage broker, we are most competitive on conforming loans, which are loans under $1,149,825 in San Benito County.

Having said this, as a mortgage broker, we can offer jumbo loans with easier qualifying guidelines, and we have the ability to close jumbo loans in as little as 15 days.  Most big banks and credit unions have difficulty closing quickly, and their guidelines will certainly be tighter. (lower debt-to-income ratio requirements, higher reserve requirements…etc.)

If you are looking for a jumbo loan, we can either refer you to a jumbo lender with the best rates, or we would be happy to give you a hand if we are a better fit for you.

We are able to lend on 2-4 unit properties as well.  Here are the conforming loan limits for multi-unit properties in San Benito County

  • 2-unit property – $1,472,250
  • 3-unit property – $1,779,525
  • 4-unit property – $2,211,600

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Date UpdatedTime
Nov 30, 202310:06 PM
(Rates subject to change without notice)
Loan TypeLoan PurposeLoan TermInterest RateAPRPoints
ConformingPurchase30 year fixed6.125%6.342%1.993
ConformingPurchase30 year fixed6.625%6.676%0.253
ConformingPurchase20 year fixed6.375%6.439%0.228
ConformingPurchase15 year fixed5.875%5.961%0.278
FHAPurchase30 year fixed5.750%6.555%0.687
VAPurchase30 year fixed5.750%6.059%0.857


30 Year Fixed


20 Year Fixed


15 Year Fixed



30 Year Fixed



30 Year Fixed


Loan Assumptions