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How to compare Loan Estimates

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The home purchase process

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Step 1 - Get preapproved for a mortgage and determine what payment you are comfortable with. Most experienced Real Estate Agents will require or at least strongly urge perspective homebuyers to be preapproved for a mortgage before seeing a home or putting in an offer. No reason to have a buyer get excited about a home they don't ultimately qualify ...

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Is refinancing worth it?

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Have you been seeing and hearing ads to refinance your mortgage? Wondering if a no-cost refinance is too good to be true? Well, as Mike explained, a no-cost refinance is certainly possible and if you can refinance your mortgage to a lower rate at no costs - refinancing always makes sense."But, I only have 27 years left on my original 30 year fixed ...

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Is a free refinance possible? Yes!


There is no word in the English Language that carries more emotional baggage than "Free." We are introduced to Free at a very young age. We get a Free Toy in our Happy Meal. A Free lollipop at the doctor's office. A Free surprise in a cracker Jack Box. WE LOVE FREE!Unfortunately as we age our love affair with Free begins to fade. We are filled with...

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Should I use a Mortgage Broker or a Bank?

 It may seem counterintuitive to work through a mortgage broker. Whatever happened to "cutting out the middleman" and walking into a bank directly? How can you possibly benefit from using a mortgage broker?1) Banks discount their rates to us. This is because banks with wholesale lending are motivated to use mortgage brokers to advertise for th...

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Pay off a HERO loan by refinancing for free

 Are you stuck with a HERO loan with a "Villian's" high interest rate?Looking to lower your monthly mortgage payment by removing your HERO loan payment from your property taxes?Is your home located in California?If so, you came to the right place!We've assisted many homeowners throughout California refinance their mortgages and pay off their H...

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Thousand Oaks Mortgage Rates

 Looking for the lowest possible rates in Thousand Oaks on your purchase loan or refinance?  You came to the right place!  Community First Mortgage is a mortgage broker located in Thousand Oaks since 1986.  We've helped thousands of Thousand Oaks residents with  

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