Home Loans in Westlake Village

When searching for Home Loans in Westlake Village, look for the following points:

  • Experience
  • Competitive rates
  • Building a business relationship with a mortgage professional

Community First Mortgage has helped homeowners find the best home loans in Westlake Village since 1986. We were the first tenant to occupy our Westlake Village office building in 1986 and we’ve been in the same building ever since. We are located across the street from The Promenade in Westlake Village on Thousand Oaks Boulevard, but when we moved in – the Promenade wasn’t there. It was just a dirt lot – which many longtime Westlake Village residents probably remember.

When looking for home loans in Westlake Village there are a few important factors to keep in mind – experience, competitive rates, and remembering it’s not who you are working with on this home loan – but all the other home loans you will have throughout your lifetime.


It would be tough to find another broker in the local Westlake Village area who has been in business as long as we have. Staying in business this long, through the ups and downs of the real estate market and interest rates speaks to the relationships we’ve built with thousands of clients over the years.

Being in business this long means we’ve seen just about every scenario possible for a home loan and we can help clients navigate the home loan process better than anyone else. Buying a home can be a stressful process in itself, you need to make sure you have a mortgage broker who will anticipate potential problems before they happen and guide you to the finish line.

Competitive Rates

When searching for home loans in Westlake Village you of course are looking for the best terms. Remember, it’s not about getting the lowest rate on your home loan. All lenders and mortgage brokers have the same rates to offer on home loans (or at least should have the same rates), but not all mortgage brokers and lenders offer the same rates with the same costs.

We are a big proponent of getting multiple quotes for a home loan in Westlake Village, but when shopping for a home loan be sure you are comparing apples to apples. You need to compare the same interest rates on the same days. Home loan rates in Westlake Village will change every day and it’s important to compare mortgage rates between lenders and brokers on the same day. We are confident you won’t find a more competitive mortgage broker on rates, but if you happen to find one, they are likely a high-volume and poor service office which is not something you want when you have your purchase on the line.

Long-Lasting Relationship With Your Mortgage Broker

We won’t pretend there isn’t a more competitive lender or broker doing business out of a basement in the midwest, but again, plenty of surprises can happen during the home loan process and it’s important you have a local mortgage expert who isn’t going to go missing when things get difficult – because we’ve heard stories of it happening.

Also, after closing on your home loan in Westlake Village you want your mortgage broker to proactively reach out to you the moment mortgage rates fall and you can refinance into a lower rate. If you originally opted for the lowest priced lender you could find on Internet, you likely won’t hear from them when a refinance could benefit you the most. We pride ourselves on keeping a close eye on the mortgage market and reaching out to clients the moment they could benefit from a refinance on their home loan in Westlake Village.

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