The 2024 conforming loan limit for San Joaquin County is $766,550 for a 1-unit property.

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If your loan amount is under $766,550 you can put as little as 3% down, and your entire down payment can be a gift.

First-time homebuyers purchasing a home in San Joaquin County may qualify for lower rates and costs by waiving Loan Level Pricing Adjustments or LLPAs if their gross annual qualifying income is $103,800 or less.

Loans above $766,550 in San Joaquin County would be considered a jumbo loan. Jumbo loans can have more difficult qualifying requirements, such as mandatory reserve funds and lower maximum debt-to-income ratios.

Homebuyers can put as little as 5% down on 2-4-unit properties as long as the property is their primary residence.

Here are the conforming loan limits for 2 to 4-unit properties in San Joaquin County

  • 2-unit property – $981,500
  • 3-unit property – $1,186,350
  • 4-unit property – $1,474,400

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Date UpdatedTime
Jul 15, 202410:43 AM
(Rates subject to change without notice)
Loan TypeLoan PurposeLoan TermInterest RateAPRPoints
ConformingPurchase30 year fixed6.125%6.221%0.743
ConformingPurchase30 year fixed6.500%6.527%0.000
ConformingPurchase20 year fixed5.875%6.032%0.986
ConformingPurchase15 year fixed5.375%5.535%0.762
FHAPurchase30 year fixed5.750%6.489%0.000
VAPurchase30 year fixed5.750%5.977%0.000


30 Year Fixed


20 Year Fixed


15 Year Fixed



30 Year Fixed



30 Year Fixed


Loan Assumptions