The FHA loan limit for 2024 in Stanislaus County is $517,500.

  • The limit above is based on a 1-unit property.

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Loans above $517,500 for a 1-unit property in Stanislaus County would not qualify for FHA financing.

FHA financing is possible on 2-4 unit properties as well.  Here are the FHA loan limits for multi-unit properties in Stanislaus County…

  • 2-unit property – $662,500
  • 3-unit property – $800,800
  • 4-unit property – $995,200

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If you are looking for a loan over $517,500 for a 1-unit property, you can explore conventional financing in Stanislaus County, where the conforming loan limit is $766,550.

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Date UpdatedTime
Jun 17, 202410:09 AM
(Rates subject to change without notice)
Loan TypeLoan PurposeLoan TermInterest RateAPRPoints
ConformingPurchase30 year fixed6.375%6.493%0.945
ConformingPurchase30 year fixed6.625%6.656%0.049
ConformingPurchase20 year fixed6.125%6.227%0.540
ConformingPurchase15 year fixed5.500%5.651%0.697
FHAPurchase30 year fixed5.750%6.534%0.471
VAPurchase30 year fixed5.750%6.039%0.642


30 Year Fixed


20 Year Fixed


15 Year Fixed



30 Year Fixed



30 Year Fixed


Loan Assumptions